Believers in Recovery

Believers in Recovery is a Biblically based 12-step study. We are committed to providing accountability and support to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, for any addictions that are separating them from God, including: alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, smoking, sports, television, video games, work or anything else.

This 12-step program enables us to reclaim our birthright as children of God. We are created in God’s image and have unlimited gifts available to us. This process will awaken us to God’s creation and give us an opportunity to experience peaceful and productive living. He will help us to heal our damaged emotions. Feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, and inferiority will disappear. Focusing on our new relationship with God will eliminate our obsessive need for other people’s approval. Our attention will be captivated by the promise of the wonderful adventure calling us to a new life in Jesus Christ.

Contact Sam (808-298-6067) for more information.